Safe Browser Secure: Secret Browser with Private Photo and Video Vault

Trust Safe Browser Secure to keep your browsing, photos and videos hidden and private.



How do I log in?

From the Safe Browser, use one of these methods:

  • Use a rotation gesture to show the login prompt
    • Rotate right, and then left, to show the prompt (the amount you rotate each way can be configured)
    • Rotate left, and then right, to go straight to TouchID login (if enabled)
  • Click on the Network icon in the navigation bar (if enabled)
  • Type your password into the Safe Browser address box (if enabled)

How safe is TouchID?

Using TouchID within the app is not as secure as using a password. This is because someone could force or convince you to unlock a secure area with your finger. For this reason you might not want to use TouchID for your most sensitive files.

We have added the ability to log into different areas depending on phone orientation, which should allow you to show intruders to a decoy area via TouchID.

What is the Public Browser Area?

The initial view when accessing the browser is a public area browser. It protects the user from accessing dangerous or adult-themed content.

How do return to the Public Browser Area?

  • Select “Public Area” from the left menu
  • Click the home button (also temporarily leaves the app.)
  • Click the lock button (also temporarily leaves the app.)
  • Optionally configurable:
    • Shake the phone
    • Turn the phone face down
    • Cover the proximity sensor (except when being used by the Camera)

How do I download files?

Apple does not permit apps that download videos or music. The app does allow you to download general files. Some web sites do allow you to download video (especially dodgy web sites!). Long click on a web site’s download link or video (from a secure area.)

TOR and Proxies

Please Note:

  • Browsing through TOR or proxies can be much slower than through a direct connection.
  • Some sites are not accessible our don’t work properly when accessed through TOR or proxies.
  • Video can sometimes fail on some sites. In this case try using the View Video option from the browser menu.
  • Try using different browser user agents, or request desktop site.
  • Some sites treat you differently if you use TOR. E.g. Google will use a captcha image to check that you aren’t a robot.

Use the refresh TOR button if you get disconnected, although re-connection is normally automatic, but takes up to a minute, so please be patient.

You can optionally specify a set of countries to exit the TOR network. This allows you to browse as if from that country. Optionally keep TOR alive while the app is not in use. This speeds up re-connection time.

Clicking new TOR identify will give you a new IP address and clear cookies and local data. You will appear to websites as a new person unless the URL contains information that identifies you.
Some sites show different content depending where the TOR exit node or proxy is located.

You will probably be able to access type when the status is purple- this is when the Connection has been established and is being tested.

TOR Bridges

Safe Browser Secure supports TOR bridges. Visit the TOR Bridge site to obtain bridges. Keep these private. Paste these into the Connection Settings and then enable TOR bridges.

Note that TOR bridges can be slower that using TOR directly and can stop working at any time when get get blocked.

Safe Browser Secure supports standard bridges, but also “pluggable transports” which can be used to circumvent deep packet inspection. We support obfs2, obsfs3 and ScrambleSuit.

TOR Bridges – Detailed Instructions

Step 1: Visit the TOR Bridge site to obtain bridges:


Step 2: Select “Get Bridges”. At this stage select “Just give me the bridges!” if you want a simple bridge. If you need a pluggable transport, select one.

Its unlikely that you need IPv6, and as at the time of writing there aren’t many IPv6 bridges available anyway.


Step 3: Fill in the Capcha.



Step 4: You will then receive up to 3 bridge lines:


Step 5: Copy these, and paste into the “Connections” / “Bridges” (or type them in if you obtained them on a different PC.):


Step 6: Select “Enable TOR Bridges” from the Connection settings.



Accessing web sites through proxies  can  be very slow. These are publicly available proxies and so can be very slow. The faster ones are in China, which will block slide websites, or in the U.S.

Should I use file encryption?

File encryption is enabled by default for secure areas. If enabled, files stored are encrypted, and so are not usable via ITunes or other phone navigation applications (such as IFunBox.)

Note that encryption will slow down access to files. E.g. Video takes longer. Encryption prevents someone in possession of your unlocked phone from reading your files.

Files can still be exported to ITunes if you need access in unencrypted form.

Can I recover my password?

Whenever you set a password in Safe Browser Secure, you are asked if you would like to create a recovery e-mail address in the event you forgot your password. If you entered your e-mail as a recovery address, you can recover your password via the EBF Secure web site.

If you did not set up a recovery e-mail address, you can’t recover your password.

To recover passwords:

  1. Visit /safe-browser/passwords
  2. Enter your email address & click “Recover Password”
  3. You will be sent an email containing your password

I am getting a new phone, how can I transfer Safe Browser Secure to my new phone?

To transfer Safe Browser Secure files to your new phone:

Option 1: I-Cloud
  1. On your old phone, backup your phone to iTunes by plugging your phone into your computer and launching iTunes.
  2. When you get a new phone, restore from the iTunes backup on your old phone.
  3. NB: Any files or folders not marked for iCloud backup will not be available using this method.
Option 2: ITunes file:
  1. From the old phone, and from each password-protected secure area, “Export Zip to Safe Area”.
  2. From ITunes, find “File Sharing”, find the App, then use “Copy to…” to copy the files to your computer
  3. Connect the new phone to ITunes, with the app installed.
  4. Use “Add File..”
  5. From within the new App “Select the file”, and extract the contents.
Option 3: WiFi access

Use WiFI access to manually copy the files you need from the old phone to your computer, then to the new phone.

I had to reset my phone, can I restore my photos?

Yes, if you have recently performed a backup of your device to iTunes or iCloud, you can restore your phone to your last backup and get your data back. For information on restoring from a backup, please view Apple’s website here: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1766

You may have marked some folders or areas as “not eligible ICloud backup”. You won’t be able to recover these files unless you’ve backed them up via WiFi or ITunes.

What video formats does Safe Browser Secure support?

Safe Browser Secure fully supports .mov, .mp4 and Apple M3U8 streaming files, which are the most common formats used on web sites. Flash is not supported on IOS devices.

Some web sites forbid downloads as part of their terms of service. Downloads from these web sites are blocked.

Does Safe Browser Secure require location access?

No – some websites will ask for this permission, but you can reject their request. The location of a break-in attempt can be optionally included in a break in report.

I already purchased Pro, why is it still missing all the features?

If you have already purchased Safe Browser Secure Pro upgrade and it is still still missing all the features, go to the Settings Tab in Safe Browser Secure and hit Restore Purchase.

I purchased this on my iPhone, can I get it for free on my iPad?

Yes. If you have already purchased the app, you can get the full version on any of your devices at no additional cost. To get it on each additional device, open Safe Browser secure, go to the Settings tab and hit Restore Purchase.

Who can see my photos, videos and browser history?

  • Your files and history in Safe Browser Secure are only stored on your device and not on any of our servers. We have no ability to remotely access your files.
  • However, if you have iCloud backup enabled, copies of your photos may be stored on Apple’s servers.
  • If you have enabled file encryption (recommended) then even Apple can’t decrypt the files stored on their servers without your Safe Browser password, which you should keep secret.

Why do some video sites not work when using TOR or proxies?

  • Some web sites block TOR and proxy traffic
  • Some internet service providers or mobile phone companies block TOR traffic
  • TOR can sometimes just be too slow. Try again at a different time of day.
  • TOR performance varies depending on the time of day and demand.
  • Unlike most other iOS TOR impressions Safe Browser Secure does not leak video traffic onto the standard internet. To achieve this we use some techniques that can prevent video from working on some web sites. We’re looking to improve this.

If these issues occur it is worth trying again, or using the “view video” menu item. Also, try using the “Windows TOR” User Agent.

Should I jailbreak my iPhone?

If you care about Security this is not recommended. IOS contains many useful security features that could be compromised on a jailbroken phone.

That said, Safe Browser Secure would still use 256 bit Security in encrypted areas and to protect passwords.